Rock 'n Roll Doctor

When Ozzy Osbourne plays the Sports Arena on Tuesday, November 20, the venue "must have a real ear, nose, and throat doctor on site [and] must be able to administer if required a B12 shot and Decadron (anti-inflammatory) shot." An oxygen tank must be available from load-in. At this writing, Atlas Tickets on Kemper Boulevard is selling a pair of front-row seats for $590. (From

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OZZY RULES When I heard he was taking B12 shots I started doing them as well.It is a prescription and expensive, but not in Canada and cheap, that’s where I get it from and a lot cheaper, pills don't work that great, injections are best. Not all B12 is created equal, so beware; you want to use CYANOCOBALAMIN INJECTION USP in 1000mcg version. Buy it in 30ml bottles for best value, keep it at room temperature and away from light, so keep it in the little box it comes in. Usually the product has a year shelf life. I will share a link from the best place my clients have gotten it from and it is on line I normally don't share links but this is going into your body so get it from a good place, Canada has the highest quality stuff out there and I have used this place numerous times myself, always was a fresh batch with long expire date. B12 great for energy, weight loss, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle ache,MS,AIDS and a must for non or low meat eaters.

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