Ocean Beach Jetty

Name:Kevin Darcy Lives: Pacific Beach Surfing: Ocean Beach jetty

On his Chris Gallagher 6'0", Kevin Darcy likes the waves at Ocean Beach jetty. He says the spot "is especially fun if you're a regular footer, and on good days it barrels." Kevin has other boards, but he's been sticking to the Chris Gallagher for a few months so he can improve. "Boards are like cars; they all ride differently. If you get used to one board and you make good progress with it, then switch to a different board. There are all these little things you have to do differently until you're used to that board."

When conditions warrant the commute, Kevin makes the jaunt to Oceanside, but he surfs mainly between Black's and O.B. "I live in P.B., so I can get to the beach on a bike or get in the car and be here in O.B. in a couple minutes."

He surfs four or five days a week. "Everyone in O.B. is pretty mellow and there are good surfers out here. I like to watch a couple of the really good guys."

Kevin is originally from Los Angeles. He's been here for two years and sees San Diego as an excellent surf area, but has advice for beginners: "You have to respect the people who live here and surf here. San Diego has a great surf community, and everyone wants to be a part of it. But you get tourists out there that have never been surfing before. And they crowd in on guys who have been here forever and surf here every day." He calls this group of people "...kooks with money. They're dangerous; people get hurt, people get their boards broken. On accident, of course, but it's still frustrating."

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