Lynn Gorguze, Murray Galinson, Irwin Jacobs give to Clinton and Obama

Bill Lerach gives to fellow lawyer Edwards

— The latest statewide poll shows Hillary Clinton out front of Barack Obama in the race to collect California's Democratic presidential nominating delegates, but some rich La Jollans aren't taking any chances. Investor Murray Galinson, for example, gave Clinton $2300 on March 29, as did wife Elaine. Two days later, he and Elaine each gave Obama $4200, covering both the primary and general elections -- and for good measure, that same day Murray gave John Edwards $1000. Another bet hedger was Lynn Gorguze, wealthy wife of San Diego city councilman Scott Peters. On March 8, Gorguze gave Obama $2300, as did husband Peters. On March 12 and 14, Gorguze gave Clinton a total of $4600, the legal maximum for the primary and general elections. Peters did the same. Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs and wife Joan were in the same boat; they each gave Clinton $2300 on March 12 and Obama $2050 on March 16. Aging entrepreneur Sol Price gave $2300 to Obama on March 8. A month earlier he'd given $500 to long-shot Democrat Tom Vilsack, a former Iowa governor who subsequently dropped out of the race. On the other hand, Bill Lerach, the rich corporate plaintiffs attorney, stuck to just one horse. He gave $2500 to fellow lawyer Edwards. Also politically monogamous was trash-television producer Stu Segall, who gave the presidential bid of Republican congressman Duncan Hunter $2300 on March 31. (Segall's Strategic Operations division provides tactical training to the military.)

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