Wanted: Travel Tips

Hello, Matt:

My wife and I reside on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. We are planning a road trip south sometime around the middle of May to Lake Havasu City, AZ. After years of driving Interstate 5, the boredom factor has taken over. We had planned to leave from the interior of BC and avoid most of the West Coast rush. Any ideas or suggestions?

-- Elizabeth and John, Courtenay, British Columbia

Well, you've certainly come to the wrong place for travel tips. The Alice clan hasn't been able to organize a vacation for at least a decade. Everything goes fine until we get about 50 miles from home, then the elves start fighting in the back seat, Pa Alice threatens to turn the Winnebago around and go home if they don't stop, they don't stop, so Pa Alice turns the Winnebago around and we go home. It's so bad now that Grandma Alice doesn't even bother to pack our suitcases. She just brings them out empty and loads them into the 'Bago, knowing we'll be home in an hour anyway. Last year she actually put a roast in the oven as we left for Branson, Missouri. By the time the elves had acted up and we got back, it was perfectly cooked. She sure has her timing down.

But just because we can't help you doesn't mean there aren't a boatload of people out there in Aliceland with some good ideas. And now that anybody can slap a comment on the M.A. Web page comments board, well, here's your chance. So how does somebody get from BC to AZ on the roads less traveled? Anybody made that trip? Feel free to add your travelin' two cents.

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