Tour Notes

Tour Notes ...from the Screamin Yeehaws, a local self-described "HonkyTonkPunkRawk" band that claims its 2006 outings were exceptionally bizarre.

"We traveled this country many times over," says singer Nick-Bone Hollerin. "There's been stuff done in front of Dumpsters, behind Dumpsters, in the van, out of the van...

"We left for four weeks to go to the East Coast. Getting out of the driveway, the key broke off in the ignition, and we used a screwdriver the whole rest of the time.

"We have a story about getting our second flat within two hours in the Arizona desert," says guitarist Silent Henry. "The first tour, our first flat happened...[near] San Antonio, Texas. It ripped up the fender, and two cops [at different times] came by and told us to fix it soon and get out of the heat 'cause people die all the time there."

"You want a fucked-up fan story," says Hollerin. "I got one -- stealin' my goddamn shoes! Albuquerque, New Mexico. What are you going to do with no shoes with a month to go? And, there's no extra shoe money, know what I mean? That's when one of those Wal-Mart ten-dollar Velcro [shoes] come into play."

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