Fall Out, Indeed

Some Girls lead singer Wes Eisold is credited as a cowriter of three songs on Fall Out Boy's new CD, Infinity on High. However, he didn't help write any of the songs on that album.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Eisold was given publishing/songwriting credits as part of an out-of-court settlement. The credits should have been on Fall Out Boy's first disc, From under the Cork Tree, released two years ago. The paper reports that Eisold never gave Fall Out Boy permission to use lyrics he wrote and performed with his old band American Nightmare.

Eisold, who now lives in Philadelphia, still tours and records with Some Girls, a San Diego band that released Heaven's Pregnant Teens last year on Three One G Records.

"Pete Wentz is supposed to be the mastermind of Fall Out Boy," says Justin Pearson, co-owner of Three One G Records. "But I don't know how much of a mastermind you are if you're just stealing someone else's lyrics."

Soundscan sales figures for 2005's Cork Tree are nearing the three million mark; Infinity on High has sold one million copies in its first six weeks of release.

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