Echinacea in a Bottle, Bay-beh

When Christina Aguilera appears at ipayOne Center tomorrow, March 2, her dressing room should have an assortment of Power Bars, Cliff Bars, and Balance Bars, a half-pint of fat-free small-curd cottage cheese ("Knudsen or Clover only"), and a platter of "assorted gums and mints." Drinks: a six-pack of Coke ("not Pepsi"), a liter of "full fat" vanilla soy milk ("must not contain Canola oil, barley, oats or malt of any kind"), and four packs of Carnation Instant Breakfast ("original malt").

In addition, she wants a container of Nesquik ("chocolate"), a package of Soya Kaas soy cheese, a bottle of echinacea capsules, and a bottle of Flintstones vitamins ("with extra vitamin C"). (From thesmokinggun.com)

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