No Encore = Heresy?

Within hours of Morrissey's June 3 Viejas Bayside appearance, fans at Morrissey-solo.com were ripping the former Smiths singer a new one for cutting his set short. He left the stage without a word to the crowd, and it was the only time so far this tour that he refrained from performing encores.

" 'How Soon Is Now' is the most overrated Smiths song, and to end on that just plain sucked. I've seen Moz many times since '91, and this was the least entertain-ing. He was booed after the no-show encore." (Bob)

"Tonight's performance just plain sucked.... I think his ego is starting to affect him. He has no respect for his fans." (Tuvok)

"The security was moronically tight and the sound was a nightmare, it sounded like an alarm clock stereo." (Anonymous)

"He seemed like he was pissed off all night...like he hated everything." (VK)

"He left in the middle of a song, the lights came up, and Frank Sinatra started playing.... I want my money back!" (Mel)

One fan, Xrebirthx, blamed San Diegans for the poor performance: "I think the crowd was really harsh by booing him and chanting, 'culero, culero, culero.' " In some Latin cultures, culero is slang for "homosexual."

An insider says that Morrissey was not happy with the sound system, even though he is traveling with his own sound people and P.A. However, the cause of his shortened set was allegedly due to his being upset with a security guard who removed a fan from the stage.

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