They're History

— The impending sale of the Copley newspapers in Ohio and Illinois has inspired some to reminisce about how the chain came to be in the first place. One interesting reference comes from Time magazine's April 2, 1928 edition: "Ira Clifton Copley, who used to represent the eleventh district, Ill., in the U. S. House, and whose success with public utilities and small-town newspapers in Illinois (Springfield State Journal, Elgin Courier, Joliet Herald News, etc.) lately encouraged him to buy 19 small newspapers in California (the San Diego Union, Pasadena Evening Post, Hollywood News, Hermosa Daily Breeze, Venice Evening Vanguard, etc.), was disturbed last week, while traveling in Europe, by a cablegram from home. In the U. S. Senate, Nebraska's caustic Norris had hinted that Publisher-Magnate Copley was buying up newspapers solely to defeat legislation against 'the power trust.' 'Bunk!' said Publisher Copley's associates. Publisher Copley cabled Senator Norris: 'You have been deceived....' But Senator Norris still urged inclusion of the Copley press by the Federal Trade Commission in its public utilities investigation, now current. The Commission acquiesced."

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