Big-Time Drummer Guy

"I was in our rehearsal studio in L.A. [in 1993]," says Encinitas drummer Jon Dette. "I happened to be playing Testament songs one day. Testament drummer John Tempesta hears me playing. He opens the door and says he just joined White Zombie and asked me if I wanted to audition to replace him. I tried out and got the gig."

Dette toured the country and played with Testament on their '95 album Live at the Fillmore.

"[In the mid-'90s] I had an entertainment attorney who also represented Slayer. I heard Slayer was looking for a new drummer. He said he couldn't talk about his other clients, but I gave him my promo package.... Two weeks later I got a call from Slayer's management."

Dette says Slayer never played San Diego after he joined the band in 1996. "The closest we got was when Ozzfest played L.A. The biggest show we did was Dynamo Open-Air Festival in Holland. We played in front of 120,000." Dette was asked to leave Slayer in 1997.

"There was a lack of communication about the writing process. I was under the impression that I was to play exactly what was presented on tape. They felt I wasn't being creative in the writing process. [Original drummer] Paul [Bostaph] came back in and replaced me. Testament heard what was up, and they called me and asked if I could rejoin them and go on tour."

After a "brutal" ten-month tour of South America, Europe, and the U.S., Dette took a couple of years off. His latest band, Pushed, formed in 2000. They broke up after two years...and regrouped six months ago. Dette says Slayer guitarist Kerry King dropped in last week to see Pushed play a bar in San Marcos.

"When he came in it was like Jesus Christ walked in. He wants us to open up for him when they play Soma January 26."

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