Save Your Tears

After Rocket From the Crypt's final hometown gig on Halloween 2005, the Sultans became the last John Reis band left. Last Wednesday, news of the Sultans' "last show ever!" was included in a press release. The band will play a January 10 benefit at the Casbah for Fourth Project Entertainment, the film and graphic design concern of Marc Gariss (member of Radio Wendy, proprietor of Bandwagon clothing line). Gariss's India Street office was ruined by a fire on December 17. The blaze, which took 55 firefighters, eight engines, and four trucks an hour to contain, caused over $1 million in damages.

What Reis fans read most clearly was the announcement that the show would be the Sultans' last; then there was concern that damage had been done to the footage Gariss was using to make a DVD of Rocket's last show and a Hot Snakes retrospective.

On the Swami Records message board, Reis assured all that the DVDs would be forthcoming, and as for the Sultans: "The Sultans have been on permanent hiatus ever since the last time we played. [Drummer] Mario [Rubalcaba] and his wife had a baby wife and I had one too. Prior to this I was already thinking of wrapping things simplify things by focusing on one thing at a time.... If it wasn't for this benefit, [Sultans] would not be playing again. It will not be a teary goodbye. I definitely don't want to say we will never EVER play again, but I just don't see it happening."

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