Pod Man

"The dude [onstage] was wearing a strap-on dildo," says local scenester Dammit Dan of an unnamed band seen at Scolari's Office. "So he's wearing that, and he sprayed Zippo lighter fluid all over [it], and then he lit the dildo on fire and was running up and down the bar with it!" Dan tells this and other hotspot horror tales on the Internet radio program Uranus Radio.

"I've been doing the podcasts for about a year now," says operator and host Jorge Knapp, a 29-year-old computer-science major at SDSU who works at a downtown print shop. "It ranges in subjects, but I try to focus on San Diego music. I record at home using Shure SM-58 mikes, my computer, and a cheap mixer. I already owned most of the equipment except the mixer, which was about 50 bucks." As for operating costs, "It's about ten bucks a month for libsyn.com to host a podcast, with monthly payments and no initial fees."

Regarding frequent guest Dammit Dan -- a moderator at local-themed thepunkboard.com -- Knapp says, "He always has crazy stories. He told one about how an old Mexican dude on El Cajon Boulevard was hitting on him." Uranus Radio podcasts can be found at http://uranusradio.libsyn.com.

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