Gorgeous Flirt by Jay Daniels

It was the summer before my second year at the University of Arizona when I learned that Christine was graduating Coronado High School and was to attend the U of A. Christine was what my friends and I called a "trinket," a gorgeous flirt with a perfect body who was at all the best parties. She was highly sought after but unattainable and unapproachable to most. I saw her on the beach one afternoon and introduced myself, though we kind of "knew" each other from passing each other in the hallways. I told her I'd be glad to show her around, to get her squared away at the university and around town. Figured it was the nice thing to do, especially since she was the girlfriend of one of my best friends, John.

I lived in a prime off-campus location directly across the street from the university with two of my friends from my freshman year. Christine lived in the dorms, walking distance from our house. Like many college sophomores, partying was our first priority. While most other campus parties served Coors, we would buy expensive kegs of Heineken and ask for donations. Our attendees were so impressed with our quality beer that they gave generously. We actually made money on several occasions.

Christine came to most all our parties, which would go late into the night -- too late for her to walk home safely. "You can sleep here," I would tell her, and I was always careful to keep my distance. "She's off limits," I'd say to myself. "She's my best friend's girl, and I have a girlfriend at home." Christine was okay with that, knowing that she was in the company of her boyfriend's best friend. We slept in the same bed several times, paying strict attention to the imaginary line drawn down the middle. "That's your side; this is mine. Goodnight."

It was the third or fourth sleepover when we woke up to find ourselves face to face. Our good intentions were forgotten. We rolled around for hours that night. That was all it took -- I was in love, full tilt, all the way. I suppose I had been before that, but our new physical experience confirmed it. But it was difficult for us. "This isn't right," we both thought. "We both have someone back home. What happened to our discipline?" Nonetheless, we were inseparable from September to December. We had so much fun together. Christine got along great with all my friends, and I was crazy in love. Over my love for Christine I was prepared to break it off with my girlfriend and lose one of my best friends.

The semester was coming to a close. Christmas break approached. We'd both be going back to Coronado to spend the holidays with our loved ones. That's when she dumped me. "I love John," she said. "We can't tell anyone what we've done." I was crushed. I felt sick to my stomach. How could she not be in love with me like I was with her? How could she turn off the feelings I knew she had?

It took the entire next semester to get over Christine. We hung out a bit, but it wasn't the same. Years later, John mentioned something to me about trust. I'm not sure how he found out.

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