Whisper of the Heart, Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke

Josephina Torres

Seventh grader, Palm Anime and Manga Club The three DVDs I want for Christmas include Whisper of the Heart because it's a story about a young girl who falls in love and learns to believe in herself. It seems like a good movie for the whole family.Next, Nausicaa: The Valley of the Wind. It's centuries after war has devastated the earth. Princess Nausicaa leads the people to the valley of the wind. She has some fights and trouble along the way. She fights Ohmu, a race of giant bugs. It sounds like a very interesting story.

Finally, I want Princess Mononoke because it tells a story about a warrior who travels to the Far East to get help from the great forest spirit for a cure to a deadly curse he's under. While trying to get to his destination, he gets into fights and battles.

Whisper of the Heart
(Japan) 1995, Walt Disney

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
(Japan) 1984, Walt Disney

Princess Mononoke
(Japan) 1997, Miramax

Alec Laube

Seventh grader, Palm Anime and Manga Club I want these DVDs for Christmas because they are all major movies or shows that I've liked since I've heard of them. Nightmare Before Christmas is the best movie ever. When I was born I was pretty much born into a family that loves and is obsessed with it. So, I instantly liked Jack; he's the best character ever. And Tim Burton is the best writer ever. Death Note is the best anime ever. It keeps you on your toes with constant thrills by the actions of the main character Light and his "shinigami" or death god. Light is brilliant, but I don't know if he's better than L, the detective chasing him.

Bleach has one of the best storylines of all manga and anime. Most of the characters come from creepy or exciting backgrounds, which really hooks you. The Quincy and Soul Reapers fight forever.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
(USA) 1993, Touchstone

Death Note - Vol. 1
(Japan) 2006, Viz Media

Bleach, Volume 1: The Substitute (Episodes 1-4)
(Japan) 2004, Viz Media

Asuka and Maryan Sasamine

Sisters, Palm Anime and Manga Club This year for Christmas we want Naruto: Shippuden the Movie, the fourth Naruto movie. Shippuden is our top movie choice because it's not even available in the U.S. yet. Supposedly, the main character, a ninja named Naruto, will have his prophecy fulfilled.Next is another anime, The Wallflower, about a gothic girl that has a super-rich aunt who wants to turn her into a "real lady." Sunako, the main character, is forced to live with four cute "bishonen" boys. You can only imagine how the series is. Maryan likes the way it's drawn.

Last, I want an action film called Azumi 2. I have the first movie Azumi , and I'm just dying to see the sequel. And Maryan wants the anime Ouran High School Host Club because it has a good storyline.

Movie-Naruto Shippuden
(Japan) 2007, Bandai

Wallflower, Vol. 1: Lesson 1-My Fair Bishonen
(Japan) ADV Films

Azumi 2
(Japan) 2005, FX

Vol. 1-Ouran High School Host Club [Region 2]
(Japan) 2006, Import DVD

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