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I took this girl out on a few dates and things seemed to go really well. And, it got to that point where you aren't sure if you're a couple or not. All indications were that she was into me. I'd wake up and log onto my computer and there'd be emails from her. I'd get text messages from her on my phone. Occasionally, I'd walk out to my car and see a little note that said, "I'm thinking about you." All that sweet stuff women do, but not so much that it was stalkerish. So, we go to see the Greyboy Allstars, and she acted really weird that night. The old clichéd excuses about having to wake up early in the morning for a meeting at work. We ended up leaving after the opening band, before they even hit the stage.

The following weekend I was going to be in L.A. and saw that the Greyboy Allstars were playing at a venue up there. I jokingly called her and said we had a chance to catch them in L.A. There was silence on the other end of the phone. I laughed and told her I was joking.

The third attempt we made to see them, she said she had a migraine. I didn't doubt that she had a migraine, but in an attempt to be humorous, I said, "I think you just don't like that band." She screamed at me, saying that I was accusing her of lying. I told her I was just trying to be funny, and she slammed the phone down.

I never heard from her again. I emailed twice. The first time I asked how her head was feeling. She didn't respond. A few days later, I just typed some lyrics from one of the Greyboy Allstars' songs. I still haven't heard back from her, and that was five years ago.

I may see the Greyboy Allstars in concert again, but I may never bring a date. I don't want to jinx it.

DJ: Mike Rovatsos

Station: KSDS/Jazz 88.3 FM

Shift: midnight to 2:00 a.m., Thursdays

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