Di Nigunim, Red Pony Clock, The Vision of a Dying World

Artist: Di Nigunim

Song: "Fascist Degradation (demo)" ( from myspace.com/dernigunim)

Heard By: Hunter, South Park

Very interesting band. They sound like Gogol Bordello. They're very unusual. They were more gypsy, but not like Gipsy Kings -- more Romanian. I don't know if these guys were born here in America, but they sound like the real deal. I was unable to hear the lyrics -- I'd just catch bits of it. They had almost a syncopated beat, which was nice. There were definitely some unusual instruments being played. I could definitely see them having commercial appeal, like [airplay] on 94.9 or 91X. It kind of reminded me of the music from Borat. You almost picture Borat driving an ice cream van with a bear hanging out.

Artist: Red Pony Clock

Song: "12 Color Step" (from the CD God Made Dirt)

Heard By: Bruce Ratcliff, El Cajon

It's something I've never heard before, and it was kind of interesting. I like the instruments they played, but I didn't really understand what they were saying. Trumpet is basically all I heard. He sounded like a good singer. It sounded like kind of a "hippie" thing going on. It's something I wouldn't listen to every day. I'm just an R&B kind of guy...old school. I don't think it would be popular at all in these kind of times. Right now it's just rap and R&B stuff that everybody basically listens to. I could see that song on, like, a Geico commercial or something.

Artist: The Vision of a Dying World

Song: "Horns Become Handles" (from the CD and The Grammar Lamb)

Heard By: Chris Palmisano, North Park

It wasn't bad. The lyrics were kind of drowned out by the background music. I was thinking about it while I was listening to it, and I have no idea who to compare that to. I really haven't heard something like that before. It was upbeat, kind of uplifting. As far as the lyrics, I kept on hearing something about "fathers" and "sisters." It sounded kind of like a Christian band. The first part was drawn out, and if I had to listen to it again I'd probably fast forward it, but once you got into the gist of the music, it was pretty good. That would be a good song for preparing dinner or studying.

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