Writing Wrongs

— La Jollan Mark Fabiani, who once worked for the late L.A. mayor Tom Bradley and Vice President Al Gore, has in recent times been toiling for Republican mega-millionaire Alex Spanos in a seemingly never-ending quest for an expensive new taxpayer-subsidized Chargers venue. Now Fabiani has acquired another high-rolling client, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which is weathering an increasingly lengthy strike by the Writers Guild over how much money to pay for use of material on the Internet and other "new media." Management hired Fabiani and longtime partner Chris Lehane -- who is famous for doing damage control during the Monica Lewinsky affair -- to put a more positive spin on an offer that the union claims would roll back screenwriters' pay. The producers sacked their previous public relations person in favor of the take-no-prisoners Fabiani team after recent polls showed the public backing the writers.

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