The Experiments, Fing, Alex Esther

Artist: The Experiments

Song: "Smells like Christmas Spirit" (from the EP Smells like Christmas Spirit)

Heard By: Alex Chavez, South Bay

It had a Social Distortion--type feel. The whole holiday thing made it seem just right for this time of the year. I dug it. It was cool. It has that punk feel to it, but it's a holiday song. The riff was pretty sweet. [The singer] was talking about getting toys for some kids or something. It was a little bit catchier than I expected; it was poppy and more radio-friendly. What did I dislike about it? Probably that it was too long for a Christmas punk-rock song -- it should have been shorter. It was about two minutes long, but they could have tightened it, made it cleaner. It would be a good song for doing eggnog shots.

Artist: Fing

Song: "Rock the Hips" (from the CD Making Love with Fear)

Heard By: Robbie Butler, Spring Valley

In the beginning, it totally sounded like the Neptunes doing a No Doubt song. It had that feel where it was funky and guitar-driven. Then the vocals came in and he sounded like Isaac Brock singing Electric Six lyrics. It was like a radio rap song put to a pseudo-punk/disco beat. He was singing about getting on the dance floor and getting sweaty...bumpin' and grindin'. For the style that they played they were decent. It could have commercial potential, especially with the whole "dance craze" that's going on right now. I could see Shark Attack DJs playing that at the Beauty Bar.

Artist: Alex Esther

Song: "Something Better" (from the CD The Neighbors are Listening)

Heard By: David Martin, Sherman Heights

It had a good, positive message...you know what I mean? It was, "yesterday you can't do nothing about, and you've got to fight the battle again today." He might have been depressed, but he's got to get through some stuff again. I can't really compare them to anyone, but I guess the guitar reminds me of Garth Brooks or something like that. I don't really like guitar...I normally listen to hip-hop. It's something new; I've never really heard that kind of music before. It switched between a mellow beat and a fast beat. I'd listen to that song if I was working on my truck or drinking some beers.

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