Tourmaline Surf Park, Pacific Beach

Name: Francisco Sandoval

Home: Imperial Beach

Vehicle: 2000 Isuzu box truck

Surfing: Tourmaline Surf Park, Pacific Beach

Today was the first day of Francisco's experiment and "it worked out freakin' perfectly. I've got a place to change, my towel, everything." Francisco owns the truck. He delivers bread in it. His route used to be around Fallbrook, but he recently switched territories to include Pacific Beach. This morning, before driving to the beach, he loaded up his board, cooler, and a collapsible chair. "I'm going to put in a shower. I'm not joking. I'll hang a shower up on the door. Maybe I'll put it in a cargo area to carry more stuff. And I definitely need a better rack. A couple bungee cords holding my board in weren't enough. When I looked back there this morning, between Imperial Beach and Pacific Beach, my board was crooked and all over. I'm going to get some racks -- you know, those U-shaped ones, or I can create some out of old teddy bears, PVC, or some wood."

Francisco surfs a 9'4" Towers, his second Towers board. "My first Towers, a 9'2", was nabbed from my garage; someone stole it. I left my door open, like, a fool, and someone swiped it. I was butt-hurt and sad. This is my rebound board."

Francisco learned to surf at 16 years of age in Orange County. He moved to San Diego in 1998 at age18. "The craziest thing I've seen surfing is an old man in Imperial Beach. He paddles near dolphins and physically lifts baby dolphins up and carries them to deeper water and lets them go. I don't know why he does that. That's kind of weird."

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