Naked Sandwich

I think she was right. One guy who I felt had the best voice didn't make the top three.

As we walked to the bar where everyone was partying, one contestant thanked me for coming out. I thought that was classy. His wife had cookies and handed me two. I said, "If you would've handed me some chocolate before the competition, maybe he would've won."

Outside the bar, I watched an angry Asian woman get into a shouting match with a nerdy white guy in glasses. She ended up slapping the glasses off his face.

Inside the bar, almost everyone was dressed. Others were wrapped in towels, which seemed to be the main article of clothing around the camp. "They work well when you want to sit down," I was told. "And you're set for the pool or Jacuzzi."

I met a retired dentist who told me, "There are all types here."

I met a guy in his late 60s who said that he reads my column. "But you don't crash parties the way I do," he said. "I have a tuxedo and go to swanky affairs in Hollywood. I was at the Ebony awards last week. There was great food. I was one of the only white guys there."

As I was leaving, he said, "Those two girls you were talking to at the bar. Would you ask them if they'd be interested...?"

I told him I didn't know them well enough. When I heard someone belting out Elvis to karaoke, I wondered if he was referring to a song.

Crash your party? Call 619-235-3000 x421 and leave an invitation for Josh Board.

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