Dubious Logos

The future of Long Live Logos looks bright. The Escondido band, including three brothers and their best friend, has recorded songs with producer Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Liz Phair, Say Anything, mewithoutYou). MTV2 will air an interview with them on its "On the Rise" segment, which will be available for download in September. Described as Todd Rundgren meets the Killers, one of their songs has been licensed for use on the soundtrack for the NBC-produced Freestyle Life based on the (Mountain) Dew Action Sports Tour.

Along with Get Back Loretta, Long Live Logos was signed to the local Pacific Records label. Pacific Records founder Brian Witkin says something seemed "dubious" about four months ago. "Long Live Logos asked us what it would take to get out of their [Pacific Records] contract."

Witkin says as part of their deal signed last year, Pacific Records recorded and released an EP and a full-length album, Mundus Vult Decipi.

But Witkin says things got "fishy" over a different part of the contract. "Part of our deal was that we paid for the recordings they did with Brad Wood." Witkin says that even though he has never heard those Wood-produced sessions, Pacific did purchase the rights to them when they signed the band. "It was a nominal fee, but we did pay them for it," says Witkin. "We thought it was strange they would ask about getting out of their deal only a month after their first CD came out." Witkin says Pacific forked out at least $1600 for tour support for the band.

"The band told us they were having trouble getting the recordings from Brad Wood," says Stephan Georgi, who has taken over operation and ownership of Pacific Records from Witkin.

Logos leader Danny Castro explains. "Brad said [Pacific Records] didn't pay him so [the recordings] weren't theirs. He said this is his property and that they were recorded before the contract."

Georgi says he backed down and sent a letter relinquishing any claims to the Brad Wood recordings. "It definitely wouldn't surprise me if these guys break big and move on to a bigger label. When that happens, we have their first CD and first EP. Their fans will want to get their earlier stuff, and I'm okay with that. With this agreement, we can all move forward. Otherwise we would be in a state of limbo. I have 100 percent [ownership] of those first recordings."

Long Live Logos appears Wednesday, August 8, at Lestat's.

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