Cardio Queen, Juice, Blowser

Charlie Conefrey

Age: 28

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Lives: San Diego

In Boston everything's"wicked" or "pisser." "Pisser" is pronounced "pissah." They both mean great or awesome, like "the chowdah was pissah," or "the Red Sox are wicked!"

There are a lot of words we use as personal trainers. A "cardio queen" is a girl who does too much cardio exercise, even when she doesn't need to. "Juice" means "steroids," and "Juice heads" are guys who are obviously on steroids.

At night, like when I'm going out, I say "blowser" a lot. A "blowser" is an overweight, beer-guzzling woman. Just nasty. "Blowsers" usually have"gunts." A "gunt" is the part of a blowser's belly that hangs over her belt.

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