Thirty-four years ago today (4/26/73), Elvis Presley appeared at the San Diego Sports Arena. He came to perform in San Diego five times (six, if you count his 4/3/56 set on the aircraft carrier USS Hancock, docked at the 28th street Naval Station). After the Navy show, he appeared for two consecutive nights at the San Diego Arena on Eighth and Harbor Drive (a.k.a. Glacier Garden). He returned to the Arena for a sold-out show in June 1956 but didn't perform again in San Diego until November 15, 1970.

It was at the 1970 show where, according to ipayonecenter.com, "[Elvis] met a security guard working backstage who, as it turns out, hailed from Elvis's hometown. They shared a few laughs and Elvis went to perform to a full house and leave town. The next day, much to the amazement of the security guard and the entire Arena staff, a brand-new Cadillac was delivered to the security guard."

Elvis's final local appearance was at the Sports Arena on April 24, 1976.

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