Fall-Out-of-Favor Boy?

On April 6, Fall Out Boy announced that because of "personal issues" connected with bassist Pete Wentz, the band would postpone the first two weeks of its headlining U.S. tour. Instead of beginning April 28, the tour now kicks off on May 11. Most of the dates on the first part of the tour were rescheduled to later in the summer. The local Coors Amphitheatre date set for April 18 was moved to July 1.

Five days after the postponement was announced, Wentz said rehab was not involved but that it had to do "with a health issue no one needs to worry about...it's more about being overworked."

One insider believes the show-shuffling has to do with Fall Out Boy's performance fee.

"They are getting in the neighborhood of $300,000 to play Coors," says the insider. "They needed to sell 10,000 tickets to [break even] on that show. I heard when they postponed it that they had only sold about 4000 to 5000 tickets. They would have lost their ass. This gives them more time to sell more tickets."

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