Girls Derail Rap Careers

"I heard the sirens, but I had no idea that she'd just been [allegedly] murdered by her son," says Clay Colgin of Sagebomb and Clownsitterz. His Chula Vista neighbor, EastLake High Assistant Principal Diane Carpenter, was killed in her home January 12. "The youngest son [allegedly] took a knife to his mom several times, from what I understand....

"I used to be the manager of two of her [other] sons in a hip-hop unit I was producing for four and a half years. They were doing quite well, but then they were too busy being fancily dressed and playing with the girls."

Colgin says he lost touch with the Carpenter brothers.

"We would often fight because if I produced something that didn't sound really hard-core black, they would get upset and say, 'We don't do that; we just do attitude and blackness.' "

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