Mound of Flesh

One recent Monday, Rock 105.3 DJ "B.C." (Brian Christopher) described on-air partner Clint August's face as "an ugly purple mound of flesh"; August had been attacked two nights earlier in a Santee restaurant.

"This guy was totally drunk," says a bystander of the March 24 assault that took place at Casa Picante. "Clint was sitting at the bar. This guy walks up to Clint, and Clint says to him, 'Your drink smells really good. What are you drinking?' The guy just gives him a look and walks away. Then he comes around again, taps Clint on the shoulder, and the guy hits Clint in the face. Clint was shocked, but he didn't fall over.... Everyone was shocked. The place went quiet. The guy was dragged out by his friends into a car and they tore out. The cops came and took a report."

August, who spent the night in the hospital, may require reconstructive surgery because his cheekbone was fractured near a sinus cavity. He did not work last week. A sheriff's deputy says investigators have "a really good lead" on the identity of the suspect. Photo lineups are being used to help identify the suspect who would face a charge of felony battery. Information is welcomed (619-956-4000).

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