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Thirty Years Ago Courthouse records show that at least three senior staffers at the Union-Tribune, who hold high editorial posts, have had moving violations dismissed or reduced by Judge Nottbusch. The incident that sparked the D.A.'s investigation was outlined in the March 22 Union and Tribune. The story detailed how Tribune reporter M.J. Lagies, who had been examining ticket-fixing, was filing a complaint against Union reporter Homer Glance for trying to obtain police records showing the arrest of Lagies on a drunk-driving charge. -- "PRESS PASSES," Paul Krueger and Bill Ritter, April 7, 1977

Twenty-Five Years Ago One of the commonest forms of condescension toward movies is the perception of them as occupying the same intellectual class as kindergartners. Thus, any hint of awareness, sensitivity, acuity, or maturity on their part, even if the actual amount of these substances is no more than would be taken for granted in anyone regarded as a peer, is treated as a great stride forward and as an occasion for much paternalistic head-patting. -- "ATTITUDE PROBLEMS," Duncan Shepherd, April 8, 1982

Twenty Years Ago "Fatty, Fatty, two-by-four/ Couldn't get through the bathroom door..." Although I was an easy kid to make fun of, a natural target of cruel ridicule children master at an early age, I did not understand it at the time. When, many years later, I came to realize the ridicule for what it was -- a normal consequence of false but popular social values that have taken a far greater toll than my mere self-esteem -- it was too late to make much of a difference. -- "SO, WHAT ARE You Looking at?" Bob McPhail, April 9, 1987

Fifteen Years Ago Just how closely Richard Silberman is tied to Jerry Brown and Susan Golding is shown by FBI wiretap logs introduced during Silberman's trial two years ago. The taps into the San Diego offices of Yuba Natural Resources, Silberman's gold-mining venture, picked up thousands of conversations during February, March, and April of 1989, a time when Silberman was married to Golding. In addition to conversations with mobster Chris Petti, indicted along with Silberman in the money-laundering scam, phone logs show calls from Jerry Brown himself, who called Silberman to discuss unspecified business. "Jerry Brown asking for Dick -- not in," reads a log entry from March 24, 1989. -- CITY LIGHTS: "THE SILBERMAN FACTOR," Jamie Reno, April 9, 1992

Ten Years Ago Ring up another victory for Audrey Geisel in her battle to protect the copyrights of late husband Ted Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss. Since Geisel's death three years ago, the La Jolla widow has been merchandising Seuss characters to everything from female boxer shorts to TV specials on Turner Network Television. But beware those who don't fork over multimillion-dollar rights fees. Latest example: Michael Viner and his Hollywood-based Dove Books, which last year put out an O.J. Simpson parody entitled The Cat NOT in the Hat. Geisel's lawyers at the downtown firm of Gray, Cary launched an immediate salvo against the project and convinced San Diego federal judge Napoleon Jones to block sales of the book. -- CITY LIGHTS: "CAT IN THE MONEY," Matt Potter, April 3, 1997

Five Years Ago [A]fter reading his review of E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial I can hold my tongue and fingers no more. Duncan, I wholeheartedly and unreservedly concur! Sitting in the Loma Theater those nearly 20 years ago, surrounded by a miasma of sniffles and moist eyes, I found myself moved to neither tears nor laughs, only irritation. Irritation at Spielberg's attempt to bludgeon my mind to death. Irritation at the way the film took a being from another planet, whose intelligence and technology obviously far surpassed our own -- and reduced him to some dour little boy's plaything. -- LETTERS: "YES, DUNCAN!" Ed Felstein, April 4, 2002

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