Casbah Rock Stock Surge

Six Degrees, "The place where it's women's night every night," closed its doors on August 30. The Middletown building and business at 3175 India Street have been purchased by a partnership called Casbah Rock, Inc. Tim Mays and others will manage the operation. The 6000-square-foot building is two blocks south of the Aero Club and less than a mile from the Casbah. There will be no live music at the new club.

"We don't want to compete against ourselves," says Mays. "Plus, it's smaller than the Casbah, and there's the issue of neighbors nearby."

Mays and his colleagues bought the Six Degrees building in September 2005 for $895,000. It took months of negotiations for Mays to secure the business and liquor license. Mays says a new name has not yet been selected but that the new club will open by the end of the year.

The Casbah partnership doesn't own the property on the corner of Kettner and Laurel, where the Casbah has been since 1994 (and which was a lesbian bar before Mays opened for business).

Six Degrees hosted an open-mike night on Monday and live bands and DJs on Fridays. Wednesdays featured the San Diego Kings Club male-impersonator revue. Last week, a Gay and Lesbian Times article quoted someone saying they'd miss the club's wrestling contests, though the "Pudding didn't clean up off the walls as easily as the lube or Jell-O did."

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