Oh, Diddy

"They picked us over Channel 9-3-3 and Z-90 because they thought we were the station with the most high school appeal," says Blazin' 98.9's Cesar "DJ Seize" Gonzalez. P Diddy's appearance at Chula Vista High last week drew TV coverage from three local stations and CNN.

After Blazin' 98.9 was selected as local "host" by Warner Bros. Music (distributor of Diddy's Bad Boy Entertainment record label), the station announced that the high school whose students sent in the most cell-phone text messages would win the rap star's appearance. During the four-day contest, Chula Vista High students sent in 34,000 messages, beating out second-place San Diego High, which had 21,000. A total of 173,000 messages were sent in, according to San Diego--based mSnap.

Most of the time, text messagers don't pay extra to send messages connected with radio-station contests. Sometimes, though, stations receive revenue; Z-90 and mSnap split the take at a June Coors Amphitheatre concert headlined by LL Cool J. For 99 cents, fans could see their message on a big screen during the concert.

According to Gonzalez, Channel 9-3-3 and Z-90 asked to participate but were not welcomed at the event.

"The high school had a full security team. If they showed up, they would not be allowed on the premises."

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