Yeah, I Perform in Diapers and Pajamas

"Some people tell me, 'No way I'm hanging out in a fag bar to see a punk rock show,' " says Davit Buck of the Homeless Sexuals, who appear at Hillcrest's Brass Rail tonight. "I can see how some people might think it's a gay show, since the flyer has a shirtless...dude in a blue g-string...but we personally love women, probably too much."

Buck will book more Thursday punk showcases at the club, depending how tonight's multiband show goes. "They're letting me bring any band I want.... My original plan was to include a dominatrix or a burlesque troupe, but that hasn't worked out yet."

Buck says he's been mistaken for a homosexual before, which doesn't bother him.

"I performed in San Francisco in pink little girl's underwear and white stripper gloves, and a guy called me a fag and wanted to fight me. It made me laugh to be called a fag in San Francisco.... Yeah, I perform in diapers and pajamas and do things that the average person might consider gay, but if you're not a fag, then seeing the Homeless Sexuals play at a gay bar in Hillcrest ain't gonna change you one bit. And, if it does, then you should thank us for setting you free."

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