We're an All-Vegan Band

"I wouldn't eat a dog or cat, a seagull or parrot, and I wouldn't eat a horse," says singer Christopher Greenslate of the all-vegan band Tamora, "so why would I eat a pig, chicken, fish, or cow?" The group has taken part in about 15 animal-cruelty protests at Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises in cities they've played.

"We did one [protest] in Jasper, Alabama, a town whose main focus is chicken farming. A bunch of old farmers were there to 'greet' us and try to scare us off. One of them threw a rock, another poked his cane at one of us. The cops were there and didn't do anything."

Veganism is frequently referred to in Tamora's songs, such as "It's Hard to Eat Meat with Broken Fingers," told from a farm animal's perspective ("I'm tired of being beaten. I'm waiting for the grass") and "Stop Putting Dead Bodies in Your Mouth" ("Will your life be the knife that cuts their throats?").

Greenslate says vegan food is easy to find on the road. "When worse comes to worst, there's always a Subway where you can get a veggie delight [sans cheese and mayo] on a white roll and a bag of chips."

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