Party On, Dudes

— San Diego's On Broadway Event Center, famous for its glitzy disco action, has been sanctioned by the state's Fair Political Practices Commission for allegedly failing to properly report $12,931.26 in campaign contributions it made to the county Republican Party back in October 2004. According to a recent stipulation, On Broadway also did not disclose that on the same day it had given $10,000 to 2004's No on Prop 72 Committee, which successfully opposed a mandatory health insurance measure for employers of 50 or more workers. The party venue agreed to pay a total of $3800 in fines and admitted it violated the law by failing to file in a timely manner a "major donor" statement disclosing the donations.

Another local to get caught up in the wheels of FPPC justice was Del Mar's Linda Dealy, a die-hard GOP activist with the dubious distinction of having lived across the street from the lobbyist-purchased Del Mar house that brought down Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. Dealy agreed to pay a $400 fine. She allegedly failed to file a major donor statement disclosing a total of $18,550, including $5000 to the California Republican Party and $10,000 to the California Club for Growth PAC, both in 2004.

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