Option Overload

When he returned from collecting our mail yesterday, David tossed the new Netflix arrival on the counter. "I don't even want to know," he said.

"Oh, it's The Neverending Story!" I shrieked. David's eyes bugged out and his breath caught in his throat, as if I had just punched him in the abdomen. "Come on, let's check Rotten Tomatoes. This is a great movie. I really think you might like it." I was intent on redeeming myself and, after all, I'd seen this movie a dozen times, it fit me like an old pair of jeans.

David logged on to rottentomatoes.com, where a quick glimpse allowed him to see how well the film had gone over with critics.

"See? Eighty-two percent, a fresh tomato, I told you it was a good one," I said.

" Flying dragon ?" David squawked after reading the synopsis. "Barb, tell me there's not a flying dragon in this movie." I smiled at him, and in response, earned myself a loud, drawn-out sigh.

"Come on, five minutes, just give it five minutes. If you totally hate it we'll turn it off, but I think you'll like this one," I pleaded. "And I promise I won't make you watch Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal again, even though I want to."

David looked at me warily, but, in the end, he sat by my side, and he didn't even complain when I was inspired to hop up off the couch, stand over him, and dance like the flower girl at a wedding reception as I sang along with the theme song.

Though he recently demanded my Netflix password, David's been a pretty good sport. Now that I have indulged this craving of mine to review every cinematic influence I have had from preschool through adolescence, I can kind of see where he's coming from. If I were seeing these movies now for the first time, I'd probably think they were dumb too.

Lucky for my love, I've just about gotten the nostalgia bug out of my system. Maybe I'm ready to cast off the shackles of the known and stretch my arms toward things untried. I'll let David choose one of those old black-and-white movies he seems to like so much and we'll get takeout from someplace strange and exotic and I'll even try a dish that doesn't include chicken, pasta, or halibut! But, just in case things go horribly wrong, I've prepared an emergency kit that includes a DVD of Steel Magnolias and a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

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