Beatmaker, Pot-Stirrer

"Lots of people in San Diego listen to and/or make emo and/or screamo music (which is hard for me to consider music), and it just sounds so bad to me and lots of them have to dress weird so they can think they are different from everyone else," says Indefinable. "They also act like they are so alone in the world, cry about it, then they go on Myspace and try to get sympathy from people.... Basically, the emo scene is just a bunch of fake and/or confused people that don't know the difference between what is good and what's bad, in my opinion."

Rapper and beatmaker Indefinable uses Myspace (www.myspace.com/indefinable) to reach people outside of San Diego who might be into his music. He says he's sick of people using the website to promote businesses instead of for networking and developing friendships.

"Most younger people in San Diego are superficial.... They don't really care what the lyricist is saying, so I focus on making good-sounding/original music with words that are also original but generally positive."

Indefinable doesn't plan on signing with any labels.

"I am starting my own label.... The only reason I would want to be signed by a major label is to spread the word about my music and its purposes. Money is not my top priority right now, and hopefully it will never have to be again. Either way, it is a top priority of mine not to sell out to the corporate side."

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