Bread and Pearl Jam...MMM...

When Pearl Jam appears at Cox Arena tomorrow, July 7, they'll allow "no signage on, around or about the stage [including] any corporate sponsored venues, radio and TV stations, etc." And, "There is to be no sales of glow-lite style merchandise at a Pearl Jam show."

They want their dressing room stocked with a loaf of multigrain bread, a dozen fresh bagels, four large bags of chips, sodas, and three quarts of fruit juices ("fresh squeezed"). The band carries their own juicer, so they request celery, beets, tomatoes, apples, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, pieces of ginger and ginseng root, and six pounds of carrots ("no stems"). Required smokes include a carton each of Old Gold Reds and Camel Lights, and the band wants a case of beer waiting for them on the bus ("no Budweiser"). (from thesmokinggun.com)

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