Walking the Line

Cash'd Out is San Diego's newest Johnny Cash cover band. The success of the recent biopic Walk the Line has not hurt the group's popularity. The band consists of Douglas Benson on vocals and guitar; Kevin Manuel, lead guitar; Sean Glithero, upright bass; and Charles Henning, drums.

Cash'd Out performs at the Casbah on Friday, January 13.


Doug: "No one else in music has accomplished as much as Johnny Cash. Even through all his success he maintained outstanding integrity and humbleness. I noticed by radio and by talking to people that only the diehard Cash fan really knew Johnny's true style and sound. It is my goal to bring Johnny's more obscure songs to people."

Charlie: "Right up front: This whole thing started long before Walk the Line became the buzz. This started as a result of a true love and appreciation for the music of Johnny Cash. We agreed that this venture would start as and remain a tribute to a music icon."

Kevin: "I never really ever saw myself playing in a cover band, but I've always loved Johnny Cash, and I've always thought that it was a shame that people in general only know a handful of his songs. It's just a way to honor Cash, a real genius of a performer and songwriter -- and Luther Perkins as well, a great pioneer in guitar playing. He was such an integral part of the whole sound behind Johnny."


Doug: "Trying to remember all the lyrics, especially to the song 'I've Been Everywhere.'"

Charlie: "Communicating onstage."

Kevin: "There hasn't really been any big issues -- mostly parking and having to schlep our gear down the city streets."


Charlie: "Jammed with Brian Setzer one night at Johnny M's downtown; got a pair of autographed sticks from Doug Clifford; Morrissey and Slim Jim Phantom were in the audience one night in L.A.; the drummer from Richard Cheese owes me money for borrowing my kit for a wedding gig in 2002."


Doug: "Worst: Buster Daly's, the second time, to a room full of nobody. Best: House of Blues in San Diego."

Kevin: "Best: A last-minute deal that we filled in to open for a Led Zeppelin cover band at the House of Blues. We did the gig on just a few hours' notice, so nobody attending knew we were playing...not to mention the mix of Cash and Led Zeppelin! So we get there, set up, and get done with our first song, and all those Zeppelin fans took a second or two -- the longest second or two -- and then went absolutely crazy. We all looked at each other and just knew it was a good thing. Worst: None."


Doug: "Singing a song with Willie Nelson and having him look at me as if he had just seen his good friend, Johnny Cash..."

Kevin: "Well, there's a giant snake...and he's rolling a donut..."

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