Sometimes You Can't Get What You Need

Al Kooper played keyboards for the Stones ("You Can't Always Get What You Want"), Bob Dylan (the organ on "Like a Rolling Stone"), and various Beatles tracks. Yet, as of this writing, he hasn't yet sold out his January 14 show at Acoustic Music San Diego in Normal Heights. The venue has 280 seats.

"I passed out 1000 flyers to people going into the Stones' November 11 concert," says promoter Carey Driscoll. "To date, almost two months later, I've gotten exactly zero sales as a result of passing out those flyers, on which it said 'fewer than 100 tickets left' in two prominent places." Driscoll says the two most common responses from Stones fans that night were, "Oh, wow! Alice Cooper!" and "Al Kooper? He's still alive?"

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