Nazi Rock

"They have to keep it as secret as possible," says a promoter about a hate-rock show that may or may not be coming to San Diego. "For obvious reasons they only want their inner circle to know. If word got out there was going to be a Nazi party, there would be some drama. It would be canceled if there was too much publicity."

For weeks, the website has listed a January 21 show at Kelly's Pub that includes Max Resist, Platoon 14, Luftwaffe, Blue Eyed Devils, and the Angry Aryans. The bands have songs titled "Nigger-Loving Whore," "Islam (Religion of Whores)," and "Faggots (Give Rainbows a Bad Name)." Lyrics to the Angry Aryans' "Browntown Burning Down": "Negro in flames rolling on the ground / No longer welcome in our cities 'cause you'll get beat / extreme white racial violence / is what the darkies can expect to meet."

An e-mail last week to was unanswered at press time. E-mails to the bands and their record labels were not returned.

The Kelly's Pub in Old Town (played regularly by Steve Poltz and the Rugburns in the '80s) now offers bands three or four times a year. The show won't be held there, according to a manager named Chris. The State House Pub on El Cajon Boulevard, near SDSU, was known for many years as Kelly's Pub. It does feature weekend punk shows.

"I would never have a show like that here, ever," says Kitten Johnson, who organizes punk shows two or three times a month at the State House. An unnamed promoter says he cannot remember when there was an advertised hate-rock event in San Diego.

"Every now and then you get a bunch of knucklehead Nazis showing up to a show and they cause problems. But if they have an organized show, it's out in Fallbrook somewhere. You don't hear about it."

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