Keepin' It Real...Dirty?

Local pastor and Grammy-nominated gospel artist Tonex (pronounced Toe-nay) says his newest CD, Oak Park: 92105, is the first Christian-artist album to carry a parental advisory sticker. Released on, the 24 tracks document his life on the streets of San Diego; he's now assistant pastor at the Truth Apostolic Community Church in Spring Valley.

"Some of the subject matter might be a little too deep for children," he says on his blog at "No one said anything about the PG-13 rating on Diary of a Mad Black Woman, nor The Passion of the Christ or Woman Thou Art Loosed's rating of R...the movies weren't bad, but they felt the need to at least forewarn parents that it wasn't gonna be a Sunday school lesson movie! Same with this album."

Tonex (real name Anthony Williams), still in his 20s, has tattoos, body piercings, and a penchant for turning TV theme songs such as Family Feud into gospel tunes. He earned a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album for his 2004 release, Out of the Box; over a half million copies were sold.

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