Mung beans on the menu


Does anyone cook mung beans, or are they only good for sprouting? Has anyone ever seen a mung bean recipe?

GM, the net

A bean is a bean is a bean. Those of the mung variety aren�t much different from others of its leguminous clan. Got a hankering for some refried mung beans? Boston-baked mung beans? No reason it wouldn�t work. The beans of the mung, a hairy little vine native to India and Pakistan, are eaten boiled (sometimes still in their green, fuzzy pods) as a fine protein source in Eastern countries. The dried beans aren't too imposing, resembling birdcage gravel as much as anything, but apparently they're tasty eatin' stewed up with a little yak butter and curry powder.

But if it's a recipe you want, my personal favorite, Mung Beans Grandma Alice, is just right for today's busy homemaker. Take a bunch of mung beans, put them in a plastic bag, leave them in the dark until they sprout, put the sprouts in the refrigerator, forget you put them there, run across them two weeks later stuffed behind a milk carton, poke the gelatinous mass around a little bit, smell it, make a face, say yuck, and throw them out. It's low in calories and no messy dishes to clean.

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