Cheaper Concert Tickets Soon?

Besides its downtown nightclub, House of Blues Concerts owns and operates Coors Amphitheatre. The company books the headliners at SDSU's Cox Arena and Open Air Theatre. Two weeks ago, in an agreement with 4th & B owner Ali Nilforshan, House of Blues took over booking control of Nilforshan's recently remodeled club.

An insider suggests the association may work to the benefit of the concertgoer because the two downtown venues will no longer bid against each other to present the same artist. Because the artist will theoretically get paid less, ticket prices will be lower, says the insider.

Not so, says a promoter who declined to be identified. "Major corporations like House of Blues will never lower prices, ever. Even if they get the band cheaper, they price tickets at what the market will bear."

How can Nilforshan expect House of Blues to book quality attractions at 4th & B when HoB owns its own venue just a few blocks away?

"We have certain criteria [in their two-year contract] everybody has to meet. When we were bidding against each other, we were having to pay so much for shows. This way we can put the right show in the right room." Nilforshan points out that 4th & B admits only 21-and-up while HoB can switch to all ages. He says every Friday will be dedicated to a recorded dance-music night produced by L.A. promoter David Dean and local company Polka Dot Productions. "Friday nights will be off limits to live concerts."

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