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Monday's "Bob Marley Day" show will be the last. San Diego has hosted a multi-band reggae festival every year since 1982 (a year after Marley's death). This year, as posters and flyers were being created for the event, the Marley family said promoters could no longer use Bob's image in any advertising. A photo of a lion and a dreadlocked drummer were substituted before the print job was sent off. Though promoters Makeda Dread and L.A.-based Moss Jacobs were told they could no longer use the "Bob Marley" name to brand the event, the tradition of producing a reggae show each Presidents' Day will continue.

A spokesperson for Jacobs would not speak on the record, but a person close to the production says, "I understand [the Bob Marley estate] are doing their own reggae rock festival this year, and they don't want anybody else to use the name.... All the children of Bob serve as the board of directors. They are the ones who make the call."

A call to New York--based Bob Marley Music, Inc., was not returned.

Will FM-94/9's Sunday-morning radio show Brunch with Bob and Friends have to get a new name?

"We don't call it Brunch with Bob Marley," says Garett Michaels, FM-94/9 program director. "We call it Brunch with Bob." He says the station has not heard from the Marley estate. "I think they probably will not have an issue with us because we focus on giving the Bob Marley catalog airplay, which only translates to [CD] sales."

For information on the Monday Sports Arena show and a reggae show tomorrow in downtown Tijuana, go to bobmarleydaysandiego.com.

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