Bring It on Home

"Our guitarist, Gretchen, moved to Leucadia about two years ago, and three of us are still in San Francisco, so we don't get to practice that often anymore," says Zepparella drummer Clementine, "but we know [Led] Zeppelin's music backwards and forwards, so it's easy for us to just meet up for shows."

The all-female Zep tribute band formed in late 2004 with a different singer (they've been fronted by Anna since August 2005). "Gretchen and I spent about three years in AC/DSHE, and we wanted to do some Zeppelin but they weren't into that stuff, so we quit. AC/DC songs always have to sound a certain way...with Zeppelin, we learn the studio versions first and then we add little parts we find on the concert bootlegs."

Zepparella's worst gig?

"We played in a field in 100-degree heat at a hospital-construction site east of San Francisco for about 30 construction workers. They built this little platform for us in the mud and made us wear construction helmets."

Zepparella's first CD, Live at 19 Broadway (ten Zeppelin songs), comes out this month. They appear at the Casbah tonight.

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