In the Thick

"They didn't knock. My girlfriend and I were still in bed when around 20 cops came busting in full-force with guns and a search warrant," says Thicker Than Thieves singer Jamin Hazelaar of the recent 7:00 a.m. raid on his Alpine home.

"I was read my rights in my boxer shorts.... It was pretty scary. They took me to the Vista jail and charged me with cultivation, possession, and intent to sell [marijuana]. Because they put a bail-hold on me, I ended up spending five days in jail....

"I had a lot of time to reflect on the things that should never have distracted me from my music," says the 33-year-old. "My parents put up my bail money and got me out. Now, I'm just trying to save my house and my property and my life." Hazelaar returns to court September 25. Thicker Than Thieves are finishing a new album, slated for a fall release. The band appears September 22 at 710 Beach Club (formerly Blind Melons).

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