Offend in Every Way

"Parkway Plaza's slightly overzealous mall security apparently thinks there's something dangerous about guys handing out free CDs and flyers," says Duff-O-Cide bassist Jay Sassin. "We were giving out our Don't Munch a Duff EP, and there was no crowd, really. It was about 8:30 [p.m.], and we were walking around handing them out for about half an hour. When we stopped to get a drink of water, this security guard asked us if we worked at the mall, and we said 'no.' Then he asked if we were selling our CDs, and I said, 'No, they're free. Do you want one?' He snapped back with a 'no' and then radioed to what he called 'dispatch.'... We had to leave the property immediately. He walked behind us as we left, handing out a couple more demos before we got to the door."

Duff-O-Cide is used to pissing people off, given that "Duff" stands for "Designated Ugly Fat Friend."

"By spreading awareness and educating the people of San Diego about this growing concern," reads their website, "the members of Duff-O-Cide hope to decrease the Duff-to-average-male hook-up ratio and eventually eliminate Duffs all together." One angry e-mail response to the posting read: "Your page is hateful and hurtful. Please take some time and really think about this.... Something tells me that you mean exactly what you say." Lyrics to the song "Don't Munch a Duff": "Designated ugly fat friend / your sexual fun has come to an end / Don't think of her as a lunchable / because a duff is not munchable."

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