Mirarmar Lynch Pins

Backers of moving San Diego International Airport to Miramar put their identities and some of their money on the table earlier this week, as revealed in a financial disclosure report filed Monday by the "Coalition to Preserve the Economy," a campaign committee supporting the effort. Downtown real estate magnate Malin Burnham, a longtime godfather of the move, gave $20,000. The Sycuan Indian tribe kicked in $10,000. Both have close ties to Padres owner John Moores; Burnham is a Moores business partner, and Sycuan is a major team sponsor and backer of Moores's Hotel Solamar, near Petco Park.

Rancho Santa Fe's Michael Lynch, listed as a UCSD student, gave $6500. The house listed as his residence, county records show, is owned by Bill Lynch, the airport boardmember who has been most aggressively promoting the relocation to Miramar in the face of staunch opposition from military brass. MLV Coin Laundries, a business owned by Lynch, gave $5000. Boulevard Enterprises, another Lynch entity, gave $3500. John Chalker, the investment advisor who has played a large public role in promoting the move, gave $1000.

The money was spent to hire John Kern, the ex-aide to former mayor Dick Murphy; Kern got $12,500. The Gemini Group, run by Jennifer Tierney, Kern's close associate in the campaign-consulting business, got $10,000. The Tarrance Group, a big GOP polling firm from Alexandria, Virginia, picked up $17,372.

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