Too Rude

Some Girls -- comprising members of the Locust, the Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, and Unbroken -- have left lasting impressions in Europe.

"One young lady [in Vienna] who had been acting like a moron for most of the set managed to make her way up to the stage and put her hand on Wes [Eisbold]'s face as he was singing," says bassist Justin Pearson. "It's a goofy move, as well as irritating. Wes spat at her without hesitation....

"It was an odd mixture of language barriers, baditudes, and confusion. Apparently, Wes and myself were labeled sexist for Wes's actions. We were told how we're not welcome there and to get our shit out of the was only spit. At this point, we're hustling to get our stuff out and are hassled in multiple languages by other women who were not even part of the event."

In France, even the sightseeing was a bust.

"Unfortunately, we couldn't locate the Eiffel Tower, even though it's the largest monument in the frickin' city," says Pearson. "The plot to see the damn thing is lost in a confused drive that consisted of an irritated driver, drunken passengers peeing out the window and yelling 'Kermit' at the locals, and throwing bottles of beer at rude Frenchmen."

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