Riot on the Streets of New York...

Before playing New York's CBGB on March 26, Rat City Riot roadie "Brock had filled up a Gatorade bottle full of piss," says singer Noah Bricker. "You know how sometimes you have to piss in the van...so he throws it into a trash can right in front of CBGB, and as we're walking in, we see this junkie pick up the Gatorade bottle from the trash. Before we could do anything, he unscrewed the cap.... He had his back to us but, when he dropped the bottle and staggered off, half the piss was missing."

Other tour highlights so far (noted on ratcityriot.com): guitarist Chris Barclift says, "There was a skinhead riot in Montreal." Josh Lopez says, "We watched a 12-year-old girl get wasted in a bar in Toronto." Rat City Riot returns for a hometown gig on April 30 at the Zombie Lounge.

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