Plague in San Marcos!

Chimichanga and the Sour Chives recently opened up for Plague of Society at a San Marcos bar. "[Some of the patrons] were acting up and saying shit as soon as they saw us," says Plague singer Benjamin Nelson. The gig was his band's first. They played for about an hour to approximately 60 bar regulars. The musicians didn't have any trouble until their last song, "Monster Crass" (sample lyric: "Plague of society is moving right next door to thy, / What ya gonna do, save the world? Fuck the world, light it on fire!!!!").

"The rednecks were pissed about our 'God Is Dead' banner," says Nelson. "While we were playing, one guy started pulling the banner off the wall, another guy tried to unplug us, and then this dude got right up in my face and was yelling at me.... We just kept playing."

Guitarist Aaron Ellenberger says the marauding patrons had been drinking.

"We had someone taking pictures.... In one, you can see how this guy in his 60s is so messed up that he [wet] his own pants." Ellenberger says club employees declined to stop the confrontation. "I could see the owner in the corner with a big grin; these were his regulars.... We finished up and got out of there."

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