No Ho's in O.B.

"We've already talked two [local] venues into canceling all future 'pimp 'n' ho' events," says SDSU student Teri N., who heads a newly formed women's coalition named DM (Demand Respect). "We made [clubs] aware that [such events] are offensive to women as well as perpetuating a racist stereotype.... I wouldn't say we threatened to protest because it never came to that. I did mention that some of our [protest] signs say, 'KKK Klub.' " She declined to specify which clubs have agreed to stop hosting pimp 'n' ho events.

DM's first protest on March 10 consisted of four women carrying signs outside the "Pimpin' Hoe Down" held at O.B.'s Portugalia Restaurant (admission was free to costume-wearers). Teri N. says they stopped their demonstration after police threatened to arrest the protesters for not having a proper permit.

Inside the restaurant, "There were definitely lots of cute girls in a kind of crossover 'ho at the hoedown' ensemble," says Shoestring Strap guitarist Dave Lowenstein. "One had a super-tiny red latex minidress on with fishnets, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. I wish I had photographic evidence of that one." Lowenstein says around 250 people attended, and he doesn't recall any protesters out front. "That was the first gig we ever did where the bar ran completely out of alcohol."

Jessica Yuriditsky of ViParty PowerHouse says they'll host another Pimpin' Hoe Down at Portugalia on April 29 (Shoestring Strap will play again). "I hope [the protesters] come back for the next one, we could use the publicity," says Yuriditsky. She stresses that, "It's hoe -- not ho -- as in hillbillies, not hookers."

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